About Ticronik

  • 10 years in casting business
  • Total Quality Principles
  • Continuous Improvement

Company Overview

Our company has been manufacturing nonferrous castings and die casting for 10 years and had established a reputation as experienced and fair partner. We specialize in producing semi-processed bronze and brass casting blocks of different kinds using cast-in backing sand, gravity die casting and centrifugal casting.

We can supply customers with our base type of casting blocks: bush, flow gate and founding with different geometry offering both Russian Standard and it’s standard conformance with other countries. This casting blocks may be used in different fields of applications including manufacturing of quite a number of machine components and gearing: ring gear, tribological component, electrotechnical and sanitaryware fixing and others.

Tooling is available on request to bring down consumption of materials, to reduce the price of the product and to exclude waste.

We are continuing to learn new techniques, new tools, and new methods to meet the challenges of the future. We had already established partnership network with nonferrous machining factories in Russia and Ukraine which makes available  a vide variety of copper, bronze and brass-mill products right off-the-shelf in Tallinn city.

When complex order needs to be carried out we use individual approach and as part of our service, we can supply customers even with several kilograms or up to a few tons of casting material at short time and moderate price. Our experts in casting can provide you with qualified consultation on copper alloy specification and using it in equipment maintenance and packaging just for your business.

We can offer right from stocks a wide listed products from polytetrafluorethylene (Teflon, fluoroplastic) in form of rod, plate, bush, ring, disk and tape

We manufacture marine zinc alloy protectors for corrosion prevention on ship’s bottom hull, tanks and other metal objects exposed to sea water.

General mechanical rubber goods available for your needs as well. We have press-tool die for manufacturing more then 300 types of rubber gaskets and 200 types of rubber gland in our assortment. It is possible to use our customers tooling die to produce any rubber goods for them. We can design and produce die tooling for our customers casting requirements from drawing or from item sample.

Quality Policy

Ticronik is dedicated to providing products and services which consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. We promote personal involvement, continuous improvement, and proactive problem solving to drive this commitment to quality.

We relentlessly pursue doing the right things better.

Please feel free to contact Us. We will happily answer all Your questions.