Field of use

  • Foundry tin bronze
  • Foundry tinless bronze
  • Cast brass

Application field of foundry bronze and cast brass

Application field of foundry tin bronze
Brass Mark Field of application
БрО3Ц12С5 БрО4Ц7С5Н1 Molded pieces of complex thin-walled reinforcements with sharp passage of wall thickness for different fixing; antifriction parts
БрО4Ц7С5 Molded pieces of armature and antifriction details of friction units for motor cars and tractors
БрО5Ц5С5 БрО6Ц6С3 Molded antifriction pieces for friction unit. Reinforcements for serving in sweet water and sea water.
БрО8Ц4 Reinforcements, molded pieces of piping and pumps operated under sea water environment. Accessories working under high pressure and temperature up to 250-280°С.
БрО10Ф1 Working in friction units cast. Armature.

Application field of foundry tinless bronze
Brass Mark Field of application
БрА9Ж3л Armature - operated in different environments at temperatures up to +250°С; antifriction parts working for attrition; massive parts that come out as casting in sand mold.
БрА10Ж3Мц2 Antifriction parts; parts that are used under condition of very high static load; parts for hydrochloric acid and hydrogen sulfide environment at temperature range of 30-90 °С, armature for sweet water environment, liquid fuel, steam in temperature range up to 260°С, except salt water.
БрА10Ж4Н4л БрА11Ж6Н6 Parts for oil, chemical and food equipment. Parts for operation under extreme temperatures up to 500 °С, antifriction parts with heavy loads and high speeds. Armature operated in sea water. Sea water resistant bronze.
БрС30 Antifriction parts operated under very high slip velocity, increased pressure, oscillatory loads and temperatures, when standard babbit is unsuitable

Application field of cast brass
Brass Mark Field of application
ЛЦ38Мц2С2 Ship`s structural parts and devices. Antifriction parts with simple configuration
ЛЦ30А3 Corrosion resistant parts that are used in ship building and machinery construction
ЛЦ23А6Ж3Мц2 Critical antifriction parts and parts that works under oscillatory loads and bending.
ЛЦ16К4 Complex configuration parts of equipment and armature, that are working under extreme temperatures, up to 250C and are exposed to air stress. Parts under sea water, on condition that anode protectors are used for protection.
ЛЦ14К3С3 Bearings and hubs