Product quality

  • Quality specifications
  • Accepted defects without correction
  • Correctable defects

Technical quality specifications of casting blocks

All castings manufactured by Ticronik must be without cracks, cissing, foreign inclusions and other types of defects that are reducing operational reliability and considerably worsen salable condition of our products.

Accepted without correction

Nonmachining surfaces

- Single shells with an area less then 0.5 sm2 and depth with less then 10% of overall casting body thickness, and located not closer then 15 mm from the edge of the foundry-, and overall shells area must be less then 3% of all visible casting surface

- Mappings - long-sweep along their perimeter toward casting surface with overall area less then 10 % of visible part, and depths less then 5 % of wall thickness

Machining area:

– Any defects which depths do not exceed 80 % of stock for machining

Machining area after tooling

– Scabs, shells on landing surface area up to 1% from overall area of this surface and with depths less then 20 % from part’s body thickness

Correctable defects

Machining and nonmachining surfaces:

- Shells of any dimensions (only if performance attributes are maintained after correction) – welding method with special solder

- Cracks and solder joints that do not weaken net section. 20%.(welding)

- Mappings with overall area less then 15% from visible surface area and depth that do not exceed 20% of wall thickness (facing welding method)

- Bending, distortion that exceeds deflection particularly indicated by drawings

Machining area after tooling

- Shells and cracks on the friction surface (with total length less then 5% of visible surface), scabs with overall area less then 1% of friction surface area and at depths less then 1/3 of part’s body thickness. (Welding method where preliminary cuttings are made until healthy metal is exposed)

- Local sporadic defects (shells, clogs) on landing surfaces with area up to 2% of total area of the surface.