Briquetting of metal chips

Ticronik has equipment for processing the metal chips into briquette for future remelting.

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Briquetting of metal chips

Briqueting of metal chips can help make the difference in today's competitive marketplace by making scrap pay its way.

Ticronik has metal chip briquetter system that can handle and process tough bushy turnings swarf of brass, bronze and other alloys. We can handle previously difficult non-briquettable turnings and wads of bushy scrap metal profitably.

Our metal chip briquetting press processes chips into a very high density metal block. It can be put into blast furnace directly, reducing the cost dramatically.

Ticronik handles your scrap

Contact us to arrange the metal chip processing demonstration of your material in our facility. Processed material will be returned for your use. Our end product is briquette, ready for remelting

we buy nonferrous metals
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