Large semi-finished bronze worm wheels

Ticronik manufactures semi-finished custom made bronze worm wheels from your specifications, drawing or sample. We offer high quality products at competitive prices.

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Large semi-finished bronze worm wheel

Ticronik's large-diameter bronze casting blocks for worm wheels are smartly designed and manufactured to reduce the cost and maintain the best quality possible.

Ticronik is a manufacturer and exporter of semi-finished products from bronze for various industrial applications like worm wheels for worm gear. Ticronik has the  capability to cast large-diameter parts from bronze up to 1200 mm outer diameter. We can use different types of bronze to cast the whole worm wheel block. Another method is using alloy steel construction as the base and casting bronze rims with high precision hubs for better jointing (as shown on the picture bellow). These blank wheels are checked to match your specifications, drawing or sample to ensure complete interchangeability.

Worm wheel alloy steel construction  and bronze rims

NB! Every part on this website is made-to-order, so please feel free to customize.

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What is worm wheel?

Worm wheels or worm gears are extensively used in diverse industries to reduce rotational speed and allow higher torque to be transmitted. When properly mounted and lubricated they function as the quietist and smoothest running type of gearing. Because of the high ratios possible with worm gearing, maximum speed reduction can be accomplished in less space than many other types of gearing. Worm and worm gears operate on non-intersecting shafts at 90° angles.

Ticronik's large blank wheels from bronze can be used to make the following gear types:

Worm Gears
Spur Wheel or Spur Ring Gear
Internal Spur Gears and Pinions
Helical Gears
Internal Helical Gears

Ticronik copper alloys

We specialize in quality bronze parts with exceptional customer service. Bronze parts makes up 59% of the total production. (in 2008)

We specialize in quality bronze parts. Bronze parts makes up 59% of the total production. (in 2008)

Model casting
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