Motor axel bearings for locomotive

Ticronik manufactures bronze motor axel bearings for locomotive from your specifications, drawing or sample. We offer high quality products at competitive prices.

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Motor axle bearings for locomotive.

Ticronik manufactures and exports motor axel bearings (bronze bush, insert, hub) for diesel and electric locomotive.

We can always accept a single part order or small-scale production on a contractual basis.

Motor axle bearings for  locomotive.

NB! Every part on this website is made-to-order, so please feel free to customize.

Motor axel bearings for traction electric motors of diesel or electric locomotive from Ticronik are developed and manufactured in a special way to reduce the cost and maintain the best quality possible. Each Ticronik’s motor axel bearing is checked to match your specifications, drawing or sample to ensure complete interchangeability


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We specialize in quality bronze parts with exceptional customer service. Bronze parts makes up 59% of the total production. (in 2008)

We specialize in quality bronze parts. Bronze parts makes up 59% of the total production. (in 2008)

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