Zinc, aluminum

  • Zinc and aluminum protectors
  • Tin
  • Aluminum ingots, babbit, tin solder

Zinc and aluminum casting

List of cast metal products
N Product designation Mark, standard Standard size, mm
1 Zinc anode protectors*  Alloy Z 1 Z See all sizes
2 Zinc cast shape    
4 Tin ingots    
6 Aluminum ingots    
7 Aluminum anode protectors. Alloy AL 1 AL See all sizes
8 Babbit metal * B16  
9 Babbit B83  
10 Tin solder ПОС-30; ПОС-40 and ПОС-61(63) rods

Zinc, lead and aluminum castingZinc alloy anode protectorsZinc cast shapeBabbit -  white metal

* Zinc anode protectors for corrosion prevention on ship’s bottom hull, tanks and other metal objects exposed to sea water. Read more about sacrificial zinc anodes

* Babbit metal is a soft, white metal, an alloy of tin, lead, copper, and antimony, used to reduce friction in bearings, developed by the US inventor Isaac Babbit in 1839

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